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In business settings, the general purpose of a presentation does not usually represent a single goal.

1.In business settings, the general purpose of a presentation does not usually represent a single goal. Think of situations in which you may have wanted to combine several goals in one presentation. What are some of the possibilities you worked out? Discuss your ideas with other class members and compare results.2.How would you narrow and research the following topics: employment trends for college graduates advertising college graduates, advertising budgets at major corporations, the “glass ceiling” and promotions for women and members of minority groups, and communication networks in multinational companies?3.Describe the demographic characteristics that can be considered in an audience analysis. What adaptations can be made for the following audiences: college graduates versus high school graduates, senior citizens versus young adults, clerical workers versus manufacturing workers and employees at a workers, and employees at a forprofit corporation versus volunteers at a nonprofit organization?4.Make a list of visual aids that can enhance your presentation of the topics in question. Explain how each may be created and used.5.Unscramble the following outline of a presentation describing a job description. Put the entries into standard outline form using the principles of outlining discussed in the chapter. Hint: the outline contains two main points.BenefitsAnalyze reports collect complete reportsCollect completed reportsMid-range salaryHealth insuranceBonus possibleOne report from marketingResponsibilitiesThree weeks’ vacationGroup planSummarize dataFile reportsPrepare forecastOne report from productionYearly raiseUse file cabinets in main officeMonthly premiumFiles should be alphabetized6.Keep a CR log for your next in-class presentation. What were your most common negative self-statements? How did you respond to them?